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10 Advantages of Having a Marketing DVD

1. CONVENIENCE: Video doesn't infringe on a prospect's time. They can watch at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want - including in a more relaxed setting such as their home.

2. COST-EFFECTIVE: Sales videos often cost less to produce than four-color brochures. A seven minute Video Brochure can cost as little as $6.50 to mail, including tape and duplication costs. And new video technologies have made video affordable even to small businesses.

3. STANDARDIZATION: Video presents standardized information for every viewer, every time. This is especially important in training applications and in sending tapes to remote locations.

4. UNIQUENESS: With video, you can expect close to 100% viewership. People will watch a sales video because it is still so unique. Market studies show that nearly everyone given a promotional video will play the tape in its entirety - out of curiosity, if nothing else.

5. COST SAVINGS: Video saves travel costs. For companies who do business with distant customers, it's an ideal medium because the average sales call is estimated to cost $300, including travel and lodging.

6. ATTENTION GETTING: A professionally produced video will engage and hold the viewer's attention better than any other medium. People watch the whole message from start to finish, unlike print material, which most people thumb through.

7. EXTENDS REACH: You may not be able to get every prospect to visit your manufacturing facility, but with video you can. Video will take a viewer right inside a manufacturing plant to see the entire production process, including the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into a company's products.

8. DEMONSTRATIVE ABILITY: Video can show a product in action, something brochures can't do. It can bring products' features & benefits to life.

9. TARGETED: Video Brochures fit perfectly with the strategy of target marketing because a tape can be produced and mailed to a specific audience, unlike broadcast TV. It can also be personalized with the prospect company's name, etc.

10. IN STEP WITH THE TIMES: Using video can help give an organization's product a progressive image. Today's "visually literate" society gets most of its information from television. Nine out of ten Americans say TV is their primary news source. Marketers realize that video is a medium of choice. Video doesn't replace your organizations' print materials; instead, a video can be designed to complement them.



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